You may think it is ok to trust this program but don’t! Antimalware Tool is another spyware application. Even if it has the looks of a real antivirus application, it was designed to steal computer users. It has no capabilities whatsoever to detect or remove any type of malware. HereĀ  you will read more about how to remove antimalware tool.

If one comes across the Antimalware Tool, it will imitate a scanner and start reporting multiple viruses or malware. Thousands of PC users have been scammed by this fake program. The only way you can be sure what Antimalware Tool is reporting is to scan your system with a reputable anti malware scanner. Check hereĀ  to know how to remove MS Removal Tool.

Antimalware Tool is downloaded unknowingly by most people that visit movie sites or watch movies online. This program will say it is a video codec you do need to install if you want to watch the movie. It is more prevalent on adult video sites. You won’t get a video codec, rather you will install some back door Trojan. The intrusion begins by the software making modifications to your system and on reboot you will start getting multiple security alerts.

All the alerts and messages from this malware are aimed to make you purchase the full and fake version of this bad program. Expect your money to end up in the hands of cyber criminal if you do buy this application. The only thing you need to do if you know you’re infected by this malware is to look for ways to remove it. To do that, scan your hard disks with a good and working antimalware and antivirus scanner.

You will also be able to find lots of specialized tools to remove this spyware. Doing an online search will help you to know more about how to delete this malware! Next time, if you’re not going to visit a good website, and you’re getting something saying you do need to download a program to view a movie, it is probably a bad program and you should avoid it no matter what. It would be better to scan your PC system (even if nothing was downloaded) so you can be 100% safe.

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