System Tool 2011 is a malware program. Lots of XP users will also experience the following: desktop being hijacked including a picture telling the end-user he/she is infected with a virus. The moment you think your desktop has been hijacked, look at the following master guide for some great information.

When it has compromised a system, this malware ( System Tool 2011 ) will display false security scans, and false error messages, to scare (and trick) you enough to buy a fake product. Many people will become infected with this virus because of poor and inadequate antivirus programs. Check the following website if you believe your computer has become infected guide.

Expect this totally false security-related tool to compromise your personal files. The hijacking of personal data part of your PC system is also possible. This spyware will mostly block any applications from running. In lots of cases, computer users won’t be able to install a new antivirus tool while working in normal Windows mode. We recommend you follow this System Tool Removal guide and watch the videos as well to learn detailed information you can use to remove this threat.

The first thing to do in order to stop this spyware is to stop from running the main .exe file. The above websites will tell you exactly what to do to achieve the previous. It is also recommended you do install and use a 100% antivirus program. This way, you won’t get infected once more.

Expect such deletion not to be something easy to achieve. But with patience and work, you will be able to fully remove Security Tool 2011 yourself. If you are having many issues removing this virus yourself we recommend you hire an online computer repair company. There are tons of them out there that can fully clean your PC from such threat.

To prevent future attacks be sure and have an active antivirus client that protects against virus threats and one that stays up to date automatically. Having proper antivirus protection and practicing safe web browsing can go a long ways.

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