Antimalware is a recent spyware threat. The main method for this spyware (Antimalware) to be distributed and spread all around is via Trojans. What this threat (Antimalware) will try to do is to trick you into believing your PC system has been infected. Besides saying your PC system has been infected with more and more infections. Here you will learn more about how to remove Antimalware.

Expect to get lots of fake security alerts the moment you will use your computer system. New warnings saying your PC has been infected will be shown. More and more fake alerts will be shown on your screen, including some related to spyware threats. Then, a screen will offer you to buy the full registered version of Antimalware in order to stop all those threats you’re seeing. Check here to learn more about MS Removal Tool Virus.

By not knowing about this fake program, there is a high chance that you have thought of buying the full version of Antimalware. This application is not a real one at all. You do not have to buy this to take care of the pop-up notices on your computer. The only required step is to download Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. Not only is this free to download, but it will erase the fake files from the Antimalware.

The moment Antimalware will start its bad intent: it will continue to download and install itself on your computer system. Lots of people believe that once something has infected a PC, they cannot remove it. While the installation of the fake application is finished, you will find the fake Antimalware in the windows registry.

Once Windows will boot, the Registry will start running, then your PC will start showing popups of false alerts and reports. This program (Antimalware) will do some fake computer scan. It will then display fake reports where you will be told your computer is infected with hundreds of infections and that they won’t go away easily. If you plan to buy the full version thinking you will be able to delete any of those infections: it won’t work at all.

Downloading the free version of Malware Bytes Anti-Malware is a good way to erase this threat from your PC. Then, close all your applications. Click on the icon named mbam-setup.exe. The program will start installing itself. Read on the instructions to fully install this program.

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