Spyware is a very dangerous threat to your information. If you have spyware on your computer, you are at risk! What this malicious software does is spy on you, and use the information it gathers to send to a remote computer belonging to the spyware designers. On this remote computer, huge amount of personal data is collected, including passwords, email addresses, and even details like online banking log ons and credit card numbers. The amount of damage that can be caused to you by this software is enormous!

When spyware installs itself onto your computer, most of the time you will know nothing about it. Some of the more ambitious spyware designers use the infection of your computer as an excuse to show you ads, but many other varieties of spyware are harder to detect.

However, there are signs that you can observe, such as changes to your Windows settings, new user accounts appearing, a lot of hard disk thrashing and a slow down of your computer. You may also notice that the Internet seems to be less responsive – this is as a result of the added network traffic caused by the spyware.

The best way to detect spyware is with special anti-spyware software.

As soon as you have become aware of the software, you need to delete it. While this can be done manually, the steps you need to go through are usually quite complicated, with lots of different steps needed. This is because the spyware is designed to fight back, which means that you need to outsmart the designers. What’s more, the procedure will be different for each and every piece of spyware – there are many tens of thousands of different strains of spyware out there!

This is why so many users prefer to use specially designed anti-spyware software to remove the infections.

Spyware Stop is anti-spyware software that can beat spyware, and keeps it safe from reinfection. It does this in 3 ways:

1 : It scans your computer and removes the threats that it finds there.

2 : It blocks new spyware from installing itself.

3 : It will alert you if any spyware starts running on your computer, and will then remove it.

This makes your computer completely safe!

Click here to try it.

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