The Vundo Virus is almost the exact same as Virtumonde.  Normally people who are infected with the Vundo virus are also infected with Zlob and Smitfraud.

The simplest wat to remove this threat is to hire out a pro.  Don’t worry the cost is far cheaper then you probably think.  It’s also quicker.  Place like this Computer Repair site have mad it simple to fully remove the Vundo Virus.  This is an online computer repair company that can remote into your computer and remove all viruses and spyware then and there  This is a BBB company based out of California.  Because they doo it remotely and don’t have to come out to your home you save a bundle and have your computer fixed right now.

The other option many do it yourselves use it to purchase Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.  Make sure you download the spyware and virus version.  This way all threats will be detected and removed.  This is one of the few programs on the market that can actually remove this threat.  Mcafee and Norton barely dent Vundo but spyware Doctor with Antivirus gets the job done.

Of course there are free methods of removal but not only does it take several hours you also need to be tech savvy.  If you have good computer skills then it can be removed in only about 2 hours for free. You can read more about the free method on our main home page over at Virtumonde.

As a computer repair professional I also urge people to hire a pro or purchase software to fully remove the threat.  Not only will it save time but also your sanity. If someone like me were to have to come out to your house to remove this threat you would be looking at 138 on the low end and 250 on the high end.  Most of the time I can get it repaired for the lower 138.  It seems the only time I have to charge more is when a novice took it upon themselves to use free software to remove it themselves.  It’s worth paying the 40 bucks for software or the 89 dollars to have the above mentioned company fully remove all threats for you.  If you are tech savvy or have mad computer skills then you most certainly can remove this threat yourself and our main page will show you how to do it.

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