Virtumonde Spyware is by far the worst spyware infection you will ever get, or at least so far in the known world of spyware.  This bad boy is not alone.  Most of the time if you have the virtumodne spyware program then you also have zlob and smitfraud.  All of these combined slow your computer down to a crawl and you have nothing but pop-ups and re-directs.  We get e-mails all the time from people who have followed our free guide and have 100% fully remove the Virtumonde spyware from their computer.  then a month later they come back and say that are infected again.  Learn from these people and just purchase Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus.  This is the only software we use out in the filed to 100% remove this threat from clients computers.  while our free guides can and do work you pay with the am mount of time it takes to do it.  Plan on spending at least 7 hours using all the free tools just to fully remove this threat.  That is why we would much rather see you spend a few bucks and stop waiting your time.

A long time ago when this site was first stared we were getting hounded by people asking us to help remove this threat for them as they were not tech savvy and they just wanted this threat gone.  That is when we searched high and low and after making many phone calls and testing services out we found the pros over at  These guys will 100% remove this threat for you and if for any reason they can not get it all you pay nothing.  That won’t happen because these guys are the best at what they do and the price can not be beat.

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