Over the years this site has written many free guides to help people out in trying to fully remove the virtumonde threat.  The issue is all the traces of Virtumonde keep mutating and now every infection we come across has a root kit virus that needs to be removed before Virtumonde can fully be killed.

Every computer we have encountered over the last 30 days that was infected with Virtumonde now also has  several other threats as well.  Because of this the free guides will no longer work and if you really want to remove Virtumonde you will have to pay for Virtumonde removal software.  IT SUCKS I know but even as an expert at removing viruses I can’t remove this thing with out software.  Granted I have bulk licenses to items normal people do not and can still remove this for practically free but even most experts can not remove this threat anymore with out extreme help from several programs.


The only advice we can offer is to recommend solutions that will work.  The first is to download Spyware doctor with Antivirus from www.pctools.com .  You will need to purchase the software for it to remove virtumonde but it still does a great job of it.  If you have further issue you can use their free support or if you are not happy with it then you can get a full refund.  This is the software I personally have on my computer and it works great.

For those that just don’t want to deal with this threat at all we still recommend the guys over at www.pcninja.com.  It will cost you 89 bucks but there is no waiting around and in about an hour or two you will have your computer up and running like new.  They will even give you a free computer tune-up when you pay for an infection removal but you will need to mention this site.  They give our clients this freely because we send them many customers.  This is an online computer repair company based in the good old USA.  They know what they are doing and if for any reason they can not help you out then you do not have to pay a cent.

For those that are using McAfee, I feel your pain.  This software does almost nothing it seems to stop it and it is unable to fully remove the virtumonde threat.  Norton does a far better job and Trend Micro works a little better then Norton but we still recommend Spyware Doctor with Antivirus over them because it actually does work to remove the root kit part.

Please note you may have to go under custom settings and check the “scan for root kits” box.

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