Just as the Virtumonde strain started dying down it is coming back with great force over the next few weeks and with a new twist. You see in the past people who have been infected with Virtumonde could normally still view websites and they were able to download software to remove Virtumonde and get any needed Windows Updates.  That is about to change.

On April 1st Conficker.C will activate.  currently Conficker.A and Conicker.B also known as As W32/Conficker.worm, Win32/Conficker.AA, Downup, W32.Downadup and Kido,  Will activate it’s code and report back to the maker for instructions.  While no one knows for sure what will happen I can give you a very good idea.

Right now Conficker.C blocks websites that It knows can effect it’s program.  such as Norton, Microsoft, PCTools, and hundreds of other sites that have antivirus removal software on it.  Once this code reports to it’s maker you can be sure that you will be infected with many other trojan viruses like Virtumonde, Smitfraud, Zlob and the like.

In addition to this you will also have a fake security client that keeps pop-ing up and doing a bogus scan.  What ever you do, DO NOT give them your credit card information unless you want your card maxed out in a few minutes and your personal info stolen.

The solution to Remove Conficker.C and other Trojans like Virtumonde

 Prevention: To Prevent such infections you should always keep your operating system up to date.  Having Automatic updates turned on is a must.   A well you need to have an anti-virus and anti-spyware client installed on your computer and kept up to date. I know many people are ignorant and think  ” I ALREADY HAVE A CLIENT LIKE avg, Avast, Spybot, Avara, Clamware and the like.  Well if that is you then you need to WAKE UP!!!.  No free client in the world offers real protection.  It’s just a stripped down version of their paid program.  In fact out of the above only Avast offer up front protection to stop you from getting infected and as you can read on their website they will tell you it’s a light client and it will not fully protect you.

You need an all aroudn solution that will not only prevent attacks but also fully remove anything you currenlty have on your computer.  I do know that Spyware Doctor with antivirus does fully remove virtumonde and Conficker and they offer free support for those who need it.  This is the client I personally use and the only one I recommend on this site because I know it works.

The other solution to prevent such trojans and viruses like conficker.c and Virtumonde is to avoid free software programs and sites.  Myspace, facebook, youtube are all fine but most torrent sites out there and PRon sites have a ton of viruses on them.  Avoid installing any active X control or Video Codec software from any website unless you know that website is a known trusted website.

The information gathered about Conficker.C was taken from  this ConfikerC Removal site, remove Conficker.C from the folks over at Removevirus.org and CNN.

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