Virtumonde has been around since late 2004 and since it’s birth it has been the cause of millions of infections.  Since Early December of 2008 this trojan virus has seemed to really take off again.  In January of 2009.  This month we have seen a huge increase in the amount of people getting infected with this Trojan.

The simplest ways to avoid infection is to stay away from none trusted sites. For instance if your on Youtube and watch a funny video.  There is nothing wrong with it.  However if you start reading the comments and see something like “If you thought this video was funny you need to check this one out”.  If you were to follow the link you may be taken to a site that then asks you to install a video codec or active  X controller.  If you click yes to this then you just got infected.  It really is that simple.

Besides practicing safe browsing it is important to have real upfront protection.  There is not 1 free client on the market that offers good enough upfront protection.  In fact almost all free clients offer no protection on the front end.  They only kick in after your computer is infected and that is normally too late.  Even the free clients that have upfront protection are just stripped down version of the real thing.  that is why most companies have a free and paid version.

If you are already infected with Virtumonde then you should consider getting software that is known to remove Virtumonde like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus found on  This software will not only help you remove Virtumonde but also stop you from getting infected again.

The other option we recommend is having have a look at your computer.  This is a leading online computer repair company that can remote into your computer and fully remove Virtumonde.  The cost is about half of calling a tech out and best part is you have your computer back up in about an hour.

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