Adware Virtumonde will most likely be the hardest virus slash spyware program you will ever deal with. Even as a pro when I first ran into this bad boy several years back it took me around 7 hours to fully remove.  Of course now there are much easier and better ways to remove this strain.  Luckily you now have several options.

The first is the simplest and I know you already thought of it.  It’s hiring a pro to remove it.  I already know why you have not gone that route.  It’s too expensive or at least so you think.  If you want your computer fixed in about an hour from this very second and with a full 100% you don’t pay a dime unless it’s fixed then head over to  The cost is 89 bucks.  I know that has to be about half of what you would expect to pay a pro.  We love these guys because of the no fix no fee guarantee they offer.

Your second choice is to purchase Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus.  We have a direct download link just click Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus and you are off to the races.  This is one of the few programs that not only 100% removes Virtumonde but all other viruses as well.  They also have a 30 day iron clad money back deal.  So even after you remove Virtumonde you can return the product.  I don’t recommend returning it because it does work but you always can.

What about FREEEEEEE Adware Virtumonde Removal Help?

Yes you can remove this threat for free.  Downloading several free scanners and spending several hours to fully remove all threats.  If you read a few of the posts here or head over to our main Virtumonde page.  We do not recommend this route.  The reasosn isn’t because we are trying to get you to buy software but because free clients do not provide active protection.  It is as simple as that.  Why do you think you got infected in the first place?

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