Virtumonde is known to be one of the most prevalent malicious software encountered in the latest period of time. Due to its characteristics and unique way of conducting various system modifications, Virtumonde usually is the result of other auxiliary infections with different forms of malware.

For people asking themselves “what is Virtumonde”, according to antivirus experts, this piece of software is best described as a Trojan horse. Disguising itself as legitimate software, infections with Virtumonde usually result from e-mail attachments carrying the Trojan. However, due to latest research on a large number of different variations of this malicious software, antivirus products such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus are capable to recognize and remove Virtumonde from an infected PC.  However, due to the various system-wide modifications that this malware does, complete disinfection can only be done together with other more specific configurations and settings adjustments at the operating system level.

In order to remove Virtumonde, it is not only important to be able to detect, isolate and delete all infected files but also to make sure that the malware cannot infect the system again. As Virtumonde infects user PCs by exploiting vulnerabilities in different software that is widely used, proper maintenance of operating system settings, updates and security patches are in many cases required in order to completely recover from a Virtumonde based infection.  Security clients like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus use what is known as Heuristic scanning.  This means that even if your infection of virtumonde is unique it will be able to detect this threat because the software knows what this program does and when it attempts to execute the malisious code this security client will stop it.

Due to the fact that Virtumonde may end up blocking security clients from installing or updating you may find you are unable to install any software program to help remove this threat.  In these instances we recommend using  This is a remote virus removal site that can fully remove all threats.  Because this online virus removal company does not fully rely on software to remove Virtumonde they will be able to dig down into your computer manually and help flush out all threats on your system.  This is the best way to go for individuals who have little computer knowledge or those who just need an expert to remove this for them because they can not install any security client.

As the first typical sign of infection with Virtumonde is the presence of a registry key named “MS Juan”, Virtumonde is also known by this name. Once infected, Virtumonde will download and install rogue antispyware software, in an attempt to steal credit card data and any additional private information available. If you just became infected with Virtumonde then now is the time to act.  The longer you wait the harder it will be to fully remove this threat.  Please note that this program is well known to slow computers down to a crawl and the longer it’s on your system the more viruses and fake security clients you will end up encountering.

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