Smitfraud is one of those super annoying spyware applications. While it does not tend to do a whole lot of harm to the computer it does make working on your system that much harder. Check out this site for more info on the actual removal process.

Smitfraud has many different variants and it will infect your system differently depending on what variant you have. In most cases your desktop will of changed to an image that you did not select. This can be something simple or a pornographic image. We have even seen a few say tons of curse words and taunt people with statements like “You have been hacked Mother !@#$%^”.

As well as your desktop taken over most people who are infected with Smitfraud find their home page has been hanged, they get constant re-directs and a fake security product that gives out bogus scan alerts. Check out this site for more information on that particular variant.

While Smitfraud and Smitfraud C do not destroy files on your computer it is often a sign that you have other spyware and viruses installed. You should take immediate action and get these variants removed. Waiting will only worsen the problem and deepen the infection.

We are not here to recommend any particular product in this article. We do recommend you do your research and or visit the sites mentioned above as they have guides and recommended software to use. One thing we would like to point out for all those that are not tech savvy, is to consider hiring a pro to remove this threat for you. There are many local shops that can remove this threat for you for around 150 dollars. If you would like to save a little green you can also consider this company. These guys remove all spyware and viruses for 89 bucks and it’s a U.S. based company. They remote into your computer and can get you up and going in no time. It’s by far one of the better companies out there for remote computer repair.

Regardless of what method you end up choosing you need to take action today if you are infected. If for any reason you do not have protection you should get it soon as well. Remember no free client out there offers live upfront protection. They only kick in after you get infected. Only you can take the next step and get protected.

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