At some point and time you will need computer help. It might be a virus you just can not remove yourself or your computer might be slower then a snail.

I do computer repair for a living and service a local market in Northern Colorado. The number one issue we get called out for is spyware and viruses. This is our bread and butter. On average the cost runs around 178 for onsite service. The next most popular service we perform is a system tune-up. This runs 129.

When selecting a computer repair company you should always call around. I run a small computer repair shop. Many people like that because if they have an issue they can ask for me by name. Most big box retailers switch through people so fast that it is hard to track down the person that repaired your computer.

You are not forced to have someone on site to repair your computer. Thanks to new technology many companies now do online computer repair. Places like this site specialize in remote computer repair for XP and Vista. This is a great way to get your computer repaired right away and with out paying those higher prices for an in home tech. This sure beats hauling your computer across town and waiting a week for it to get fixed. This price is less online because no one needs to come out and the technician can multitask and get more done. This really helps to lower the prices.

When selecting a company regardless of what way you go, you should always ask for the prices up front. There is nothing worse then hearing they charge 100 bucks an hour and you end up with a 400 dollar bill. Many places now charge by the service. Ask about the prices right away and get an estimate on the repair.

You should also check and ensure the company offers some kind of guarantee. For instance my small computer repair company has a 30 day guarantee on all services and a 90 day guarantee on workmanship. This means that if the spyware or virus comes back we will not charge them again for removal. It’s rare but when it comes to spyware sometimes a threat is not detected until a few days after the removal.

Bottom line, ask questions until you are happy with what you hear.

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