On the Internet, there is a tool called Security Shield 2011. It is a false anti-virus client. This virus is a pain to any computer user. A known solution is out there. HereĀ  you will know more about Security Shield removal.

This malware will hijack your computer until you do what it wants: for you to purchase the full version. This is done by displaying false scan results of your PC, and misleading informations like your bank information has been sent out. Or also saying your PC is being hacked. This is false. This website has great infos about how to remove Security Shield, while this webpage Security Shield removal will explain more about the removal of Security Shield.

It is not fully known how this malware will compromise computers, but it will and it is quite a problem. This virus can harm your computer in the long run. This application won’t let you download antivirus programs, or any such programs, you might need to remove it 100%. The good news is that information is not being harmed on your computer. It will only annoy you and bug you from using your computer until you do purchase the full version. It is really bugging.

Some known tests were done on this client. Some technical experts found out this threat will infect computers that did install it by accident or via some loop hole. More than once, it was installed as some sort of program update. Most of the times this client installs on computers by loopholes which is not uncommon. This is what technical experts would call drive by downloads.

It only means there is a security risk part of a given PC and that the threat took advantage of it. This is where anti-virus programs are supposed to kick in and boot the virus out. If not, then your antivirus needs to be updated. Otherwise threats like Security Shield 2011 can easily compromise your PC system. If your system has been infected by Security Shield 2011, there are some good news for you.

A solution is out there. Simply talk to the technical support of your antivirus tool for such solution: they will be glad to help you step-by-step to remove this malware.

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