There’s a new malware virus out – and it’s passing itself off as a virus protection program. This strategy is neither new or uncommon. This is one reason you have to be very careful on the Web. It is called Security Shield Pro 2011. It is a rogue program. Once it has compromised a computer system, don’t expect to delete it easily. Check here  to read more about Security Shield removal.

Malware is another name being used for ‘malicious software’. This is quite descriptive what are those threats really. One of the main thing it will do is to get your personal information by checking your Internet activity. Online banking did become quite the norm for lots of people. So it is more than dangerous that hackers do have access to passwords, financial work your PC might hold. On the following page,  you will know how to delete Security Shield 2011, and on this one  you will learn how to remove Security Shield 2011.

Compromised information will eventually lead to identify theft. Something else this program will do is to scam you into purchasing a fake upgrade by showing you fake virus scan results then saying that if you want to repair the problem, you have to pay for some upgrade. So, this program will try to steal you. Those hackers will scam you enough so you will give them your money. It is possible to be infected by this virus via emails. If you don’t trust an email: do not open it. Or if you have no idea who really is the sender. Another way to contract this virus is from a corrupted website or a Trojan Horse, a fake piece of software.

Risqu© websites will be the ones holding the most corrupted programs around. Therefore, stay away from those websites and you have a better chance at protecting your computer. Once your pc has been infected, the best way to clean your PC from this threat (Security Shield 2011) is to use a good antimalware tool. You PC will be scanned by such tool. Any files part of the spyware will be fully removed. The best preventative measure is to make sure your actual antivirus program is up to date, and to scan your computer at least once a week. Do not forget, those viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics. The best treatment is called prevention and the best moment to start is right now.

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