As expected another larger malware client called FBI Money Pka is in full swing. This scam is nothing new but does have a few newer twists that will most likely con at least a few. The warnings given off say it’s from the FBI and that they are after you.

If the end user has a web cam installed then this software will turn it on and take a picture. This is the largest malware virus that has been able to turn on web cams.

Like any virus, FBI Money Pak can be removed doing several different things. One place to check out for sure is This site has some great information on removing this virus threat and plenty of other helpful guides so you can get the job done right.

I would also recommend you visit

How you got infected with the FBI Money Pak is hard to tell. It could of been through a process known as a drive by download. A drive by download happens when you visit a site that has malicious code on it. Having all the latest software updates is the only way to not be exploited by this method. Keeping your computer always up to date and patched for every exploit is something that is not easy to do.

This is why having proper computer antivirus and security software is needed. You have many options when it comes to free antivirus clients. The paid version of that free client is always better. The paid version will have better updates in place and better up front protection.

One Antivirus client I like to use is Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. From time to time you just may need to hire a pro to remove the malware on your computer. There are a ton of different companies you can hire to remove this virus for you. We like What is nice about online repair companies is you don’t have to wait.

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