Security Shield 2011 is the name of a new malware, and virus, that is infecting thousands of PC on a daily basis. This virus claims that it is an anti-virus program that can keep your computer from parasites, viruses, and scams but the opposite is what it actually does. Whenever it does infect a PC system, this threat (Security Shield) will give access to viruses and Trojans to your computer and to your Windows Registry. Ending to fully control your PC. On the following website  you will know more about how to remove Security Shield.

This threat (Security Shield) can infect a computer in many ways, the most known method is via the drive by download. It enables a computer to also become compromised whenever the end-user is acceding a compromised site. On such event, an automatic installation of the virus is happening. Security Shield can also infect your PC or laptop if any of them do have security holes. Some other ways it comes into the computer are through instant messaging programs and networks that are file shared. Look here Remove Security Shield to know how to delete Security Shield, and here to know more about Security Shield virus.

Whenever your PC experiences some immediate slowdown is a sign it has been infected. Such thing is happening because your computer is trying to run this fake program, while allowing it to permit to more threats and viruses to compromise your PC system. Expect to get lots of messages and popups. You can have your Internet browsers automatically redirected to websites telling your PC has been infected. On each reboot, this virus will automatically scan your PC. A long list of fake results will then appear on the screen: the whole in order to trick you into buying some program saying only it can remove this virus. It will then direct the user to buy the licensed My Security Shield which is not advisable at all! Buying the program means you will lose money and you won’t get it back. The action needed is to just remove the My Security Shield as soon as possible from your computer. To delete effectively My Security Shield from your PC, you will find out there are many and free malware applications out there.

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