Personal Shield Pro is a rogue program. This program was designed to take advantage of a known security hole in Windows OS and to infect computers. Once it has infected a PC, it will generate some false positives that will kick any actual antivirus program to say there is a problem with the PC. This website Personal Shield Pro Removal has lots of infos about Personal Shield Pro.

Unlike good and 100% legit antivirus tools, all of that are false. It can claim your system is under attack by some malware or it can also claim to be some genuine performance issue. Since this is just a rogue program, all those claims are social engineering attacks. In the guise of helpful software, it is nothing more than an attempt to get the user to purchase a fake anti-virus program. Check this site Remove Security Shield 2011 to learn more about Security Shield 2011, and this site Remove Security Shield 2011 for some infos about how to remove Security Shield 2011.

Sadly, it is indeed a spyware. It will annoy you, harm your PC and will claim lots of things. It looks like a genuine malware program, which is the trickiest part of the program itself. This program will popup whenever you do reboot your system. Then it will show some list/report claiming your computer has many, many threats on it. While the reality might be that your computer is totally clean.

The aim of the program is to scare you into buying the “Pro” version of the software that promises to fix the imaginary problems that it persistently warns you about. The sad truth is that the paid version is not any better- if you PC has a single virus, the Pro version cannot even delete it. The Personal Shield Pro program might be the only real virus your computer might have.

So, it is a must for you to delete Personal Shield Pro from system. Using Google search, you can get lots of pages where you will learn how to remove this rogue program in an easy and step by step process. It is a lot more easy that you think! This malware, while insidious and clever, is at least not difficult to remove, leaving you with a computer that is once again free of this malware masquerading as help.

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